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Grass Box For Cats Hydroponic Cat Grass Grower Catnip Planter Planting Box Soil Free Grass Box For Cats Dogs & Other Pets

Bullet Points:

1.Excellent Quality Materials: Made of superior PP material, our cat grass planter is eco-friendly, strong, and reliable. It is not easy to break or deform and has an odorless design.
2.Detachable and Washable Design: With a three-layer structure, this cat grass planter allows you to easily change water, clean and reuse the trays. The middle layer is the water tray, the upper layer is the seedling tray and the bottom pots are removable and washable.
3.Easy Operation: This cat grass planter is easy to use and allows you to grow fresh and healthy cat grass for your feline friend. You only need water and cat grass seeds, no soil is needed. The cat grass can promote digestion and prevent hairballs in cats.
4.Exquisitely Crafted: This cat grass planter has a regular grid design that makes the cat grass grow evenly and not easy to lodge. It also keeps the cat grass clean and hygienic, as the grid size is moderate and prevents dirt from entering.
5.Far from Universal: With a round shape design that adds a sense of fun and warmth, this cat grass planter is an ideal home decoration that can be placed anywhere. Its bright colors and beautiful appearance will attract your cat's attention and make it happy.

Do you want to provide your cat with fresh and nutritious grass? Do you want a simple and convenient solution that saves you time and hassle? Then you need the Grass Box For Cats!

This innovative product lets you grow cat grass evenly and without lodging. The Grass Box For Cats is easy to use and easy to change the water. Just fill the reservoir, plant the seeds, and watch them sprout. The Grass Box For Cats is not only functional but also beautiful. It has a sleek and modern design that will complement any home decor. It is also durable and eco-friendly, made of high-quality materials that are safe for your cat and the environment.


Name: cat grass box
Color: White/Blue/Green/Pink
Material: PP
Weight: 110 grams
Dimensions: (approx.)16*16*5cm/6.3*6.3*1.97 inches
Uses: hydroponic plant planting/cat grass planting

Packing List:

1*cat grass box
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